Bolland & Bolland - Good For Gold - 1996 MP3/Flac

Bolland & Bolland - Good For Gold  - 1996

Bolland & Bolland are two Dutch music producers - the brothers Rob and Ferdi Bolland (born in Port Elizabeth in South Africa, Rob on April 17, 1955, and Ferdi on August 5, 1956).
They produced and wrote for artists like Falco (including the No.1 hit "Rock Me Amadeus"), Samantha Fox ("Love House"), and wrote the Status Quo hit "In the Army Now" - which they released under their own name in 1981 and which was also recorded by Gerard Joling. As musicians in their own right they released their first eponymous album in 1975.
Their hit singles career however started as early as 1972 with Wait for the sun in an folky a cappella-style following the success of Simon and Garfunkel and their Dutch equivalents Greenfield and Cook. When in 1976 their success started to wane, they turned towards a more electronic sound, an early example of which can be heard in Spaceman, a 1978 hit in Holland.
Outside the Netherlands they shortened their name to Bolland and established their name internationally with the release of the concept album The Domino Theory. The edgy, tuneful album is a critical look at war and US intervention in foreign conflicts from the viewpoint of the foot soldier. It contains the single "In the Army Now", which became a small hit. In South Africa, the land of their birth, the single peaked at number 9 in May 1982, sales largely boosted by the fact that South Africa had a conscription army at the time. Francis Rossi, lead singer of Status Quo, is quoted widely as having heard the song while on the Autobahn in Germany. He eventually persuaded Quo to record it, and the single reached number 2 in the UK in Autumn 1986. However, the song is best understood as part of the original Bolland album.
They are the owners of Bolland Studios, located in Blaricum, the Dutch countryside. It was one of the first studios in The Netherlands to host an [1] SSL SL4040 E Series.


01 - Summer Of '71
02 - Wait For The Sun - 1972
03 - Florida - 1972
04 - Ooh La La
05 - Leaving Tomorrow
06 - Mexico, I Can't Say Goodbye
07 - UFO (We're Not Alone)
08 - Hold On
09 - Melodrama
10 - Spaceman
11 - Answer For A Lifetime
12 - Funkadelic Man
13 - Fly Across The Sky
14 - Come Over Tonight
15 - I Won't Go Anywhere
16 - Train To Your Heart

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